Shopping PSA: Now’s the Best Time to Start Buying Snow Boots

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How’s your local forecast looking this week? Will the sun be shining? The temperature too high for a coat? Is snow shoe shopping the last thing from your mind? Good. That means you’ll got a fighting chance to secure good pair—before everyone else starts looking. 

I learned this lesson the hard way last year when, well before the season’s first blizzard, I attempted to order a new pair of duck boots right after Thanksgiving. “Back-ordered until March,” the screen mocked me once, twice, five times over as I desperately bounced between sites. In the end I made two purchases: ugly rubber galoshes to see me through winter and a sturdy, fleece-lined style that wouldn’t arrive until spring.

Merely early isn’t early enough when it comes to competing with the masses for bad-weather footwear. You’ve got to hit right after summer wraps, but before the last leaves fall; when everything has just hit stores, and you’ve still got plenty of choices. Don’t make the same mistake as me! Below, 11 amazing options worth stockpiling now.

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