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The Best Lightweight Sweaters for Your Overly Air Conditioned Office

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With temperatures reaching upward of 90 or 100 degrees, dressing for a heat wave can be tough. (Oh #HeatDome, how you thrill us!) We’ve already broken down the best ways to dress for these humid days with lightweight cotton, silk, and linen pieces, but what about what happens when you step into your giant, incredibly air conditioned office? The transition from one extreme to another isn’t so easy to dress for.

If you’re inside most of the day working behind a desk (like us!), it’s pretty much a given that between the blasting air-conditioning and your lack of movement, you will get cold. Our favorite remedy? A lightweight summer sweater. Thin cashmere or cotton is super easy to pack in your bag on the way to work and to throw over your dress or skirt-and-shirt combo once you’re sitting at your desk. From oversized cardigans to sweet pink options, we’ve got you covered (literally). Below, shop the 7 most stylish lightweight sweaters to ward off goosebumps during your 9-to-5 grind.

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