The Top 9 Coat Trends from the Fall 2016 Shows at New York Fashion Week

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One of the worst things about hitting the fall/winter shows in New York is that it falls during the coldest month of the year. Even though we were lucky enough this season to not have to endure a blizzard while shuttling between shows, we weren’t exempted from temps that plummeted down to 1 degree. But what makes it all better (or worst, depending on how you look at it) is the fine selection of coats that we wish we could rip off the runways and cuddle into—pronto.

Since that’s not the case (well, with the exception of a few), at least we can take inspiration and immediately apply them IRL, with the promise that the trend will live until at least the following year. Once again, fluffy shearling coats promise to be big, along with adult takes on the cute toggle coat. For statement-making toppers, a flurry of graphic furs and spring-happy shades had us completely smitten. From minimalist coats (with a touch of interest) to patchworked pieces, keep scrolling to see the top 9 coat trends that you can wear now—and next winter.

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